It’s a man’s world!

The minute I saw this room I really liked it for it’s bright pops of colour.
I thought it had quite a masculine feel – maybe it’s the pony hide club chair and tufted leather couch which and are just the place to sit and enjoy a stiff whisky after a hard day’s work!
It could also be the brass coffee table and antique clock which are both valuable collector items but very unfussy. Beautiful and functional in form, they both have a very practical use while also serving as understated decorative pieces that give warmth to the room.
The subtle swing arm floor lamps are the same – they’re the perfect height for reading and they don’t intrude on the space or demand our attention.
The colour, vibrancy and height of the lime flowers really appealed to me and I liked the restrained combination of the lone ostrich egg candlestick with the finely wrought desk lamp and small desk sculpture.
I thought the tiger print throw cushion was a good addition – like the red chrysanthemums, it complements the oil painting behind it and it brings the black and white diagonal rug and geometrically patterned cushion into focus.
Finally, the imposing, black framed window architraves are perfectly proportioned and they add strength to the top half of the room.
All in all, I thought it was a beautifully balanced room where anyone would feel comfortable just putting their feet up and relaxing.
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