Modern Glamour!

I was joking with my girlfriend the other day about how easy it is to become accustomed to luxury hotels!

While staying at the Crown Towers in Perth last week, I sat in the bar for several hours in a state of utter pleasure because it was quite literally beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in both size and scale!

Art deco in influence, this beautiful place is full of contrasting colours, textures and materials yet it all comes together to create a stunning space.

The softness of the teal blue, custom made velvet couches was exquisite and so very feminine in nature but my first thought was “what if someone spilt a drink on these??” Obviously I need not have worried as Crown obviously have the budget to repair or replace as required – already a huge luxury.

The couches contrasted in both texture and colour with the very masculine tan leather bar stools which sat alongside an intricately carved and under-lit marble bar that must have been at least ten metres long and overhead there were some beautiful the copper lamps that cast a subtle glow over the room.

For me, the most magnificent feature of this beautiful place were the huge bronze and stainless steel arched cabinets behind the bar. The four central cabinets were lined with green, high gloss tiles set in a diagonal pattern – very Moroccan in influence – while the adjoining arches were tiled in a traditional blue and white pattern. All of this was topped off with dark, wooden carved ceiling which served a functional purpose in absorbing noise whilst also giving the room a wonderful sense of warmth and texture.

Considered independently of each other, none of the features would appear to compliment each other and yet the overall effect was mesmerizing. Somehow they came together to make a huge space, with double height ceilings, an intimate and lovely place to while away the hours.

I’ll happily come back here any time!

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