About me

Beautifulplace.com.au is all about passion and what fuels it – for me, it’s beautiful places.
I love them for the way they make me feel – just looking at a stunning spaces fills me with pleasure.
I never tire of studying the intricate details and skill that takes a home or garden from ordinary to wonderful. I admire at the extraordinary creative vision behind gorgeous spaces and I find myself feeling happier for looking at them.
Beautiful places inspire me to bring beauty into my own life through the renovation of old houses. I love finding an old home that’s desperately in need to time and care and I can happily spend hours considering floor plans, fixtures and fittings.
Great beauty has the power to open our hearts and minds and beautiful places – both physical and figurative – can be the source of great inspiration if we allow it.
I hope these beautiful places resonate you as they do me and please feel free to submit a photo and a description of your beautiful place here.
Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading! Justine

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