Scandi Chic!

As I was studying the design of this restful room in Copenhagen, I was musing about what attracts me to some places more than others. For some of us it might be a particular style or period, for others it’s fittings and furnishings, and for me it’s colour and the clever juxtaposition of it – particularly when starting with a black and white base.
Though the palette of this sitting room is quite pale with it’s white walls, coffee table and cream boards, the tan leather chairs and stools are a terrific tonal contrast – particularly against the cool grey of the study wall.
The lived in leather is warm and inviting and it’s complemented by the wooden boxes and caramel coloured balls on the coffee table.
I also really liked the decorative chair in the corner. The upholstery carries a floral print but it’s quite dramatic in both shape and colour which is a little unexpected or quirky which always appeals to me.
I’m a fan of the prints in the background too. Their white frames throw light into what could have been quite a dark room and the strong brush strokes are quite dramatic which saves the room from being too soft or flat. The the owner has been sure to only display books and folders with neutral spines so they don’t compete with any of the prints or decorative pieces for attention. I think that’s part of the charm of this room – none of the pieces or finishes competes with another, they all work together for a very gracious outcome.
I think this is achieved, in part, through the clever use of so much white in different finishes and textures – one of which is the white gloss painted fireplace in the corner which is quite beautiful with its block work and the circular crown at the top.
The icing on the cake is the gorgeous ceiling plaster work and cornices which work perfectly with the furniture even though they’re from completely different periods. Interior designer Cillie Grut nailed it with this beautiful place.
Photo by Chris Tonnesen via Elle Denmark.

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