Entre Vous!

As you’ll come to know, I LOVE black and white – I never tire of it. Throw in a few shots of bright colour and I’m in heaven which is why I love this hallway by one of my favourite designers, Jacques Garcia (studiojacquesgarcia.com).
From the black and white Carrara floors to the marble columns, arches and magnificent scrolls, I love every inch of this space.
I’m not sure which element attracts you first but for me, I went straight to the green chairs on either side of the paneled double doors. They look like colourful sentries that bring the space to life, lifting it from gracious to wow!
It’s a bit hard to see the middle section of the hall but the unusually high placement of the black and white paintings is really clever. It gives us a subtle break from the dramatic impact of the floors while drawing our attention to the high ceilings, especially the magnificent recessed arches.
The space in between is filled with carefully curated ceramics, sculpture and stone ware which, counter intuitively, add a sense of warmth with their earthiness.
Booked ended with the stunning gilt framed doors, this hallway is a truly beautiful place.

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